Credit Card Transactions are not Reinstated When an Associated Invoice is Canceled


After an expense report with credit card transactions has been cancelled in Accounts Payable the expense report correctly shows a status of Cancelled, however, the credit card transactions on the expense report are not listed on the Credit Card transactions page for use on a future expense report.  Why are the transactions not available for use on a new expense report?


This is intended functionality. Credit card transactions attached to an expense report are not reset to ‘unused’ when the related AP invoice is cancelled.

The credit card transactions on a cancelled invoice (imported from OIE) will not be automatically made available for reuse on another expense report. The credit card transactions would need to be reloaded into the credit card table ap_credit_card_trxns_all. If reloading credit card transactions it would necessary to insure reference number used for the reload of data would be unique as duplicate reference numbers will not be imported.

Canceling an expense report after it’s already been imported does not reactive any credit card lines, nor does it update any OIE related tables to reinstate transactions. Once an ER is imported, it is in fact historical data at that point.

Ref: Doc ID 1056023.1

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