Long running Concurrent Requests

Source: http://shaikoracleappsdba.blogspot.in/2013/09/long-running-concurrent-requests.html 1.How to Determine Which Manager Ran a Specific Concurrent Request? col USER_CONCURRENT_QUEUE_NAME for a100 select b.USER_CONCURRENT_QUEUE_NAME from fnd_concurrent_processes a, fnd_concurrent_queues_vl b, fnd_concurrent_requests c where a.CONCURRENT_QUEUE_ID = b.CONCURRENT_QUEUE_ID and a.CONCURRENT_PROCESS_ID = c.controlling_manager and c.request_id […]

Query to find all responsibilities of a user

——————————————————————————- — Query to find all responsibilities of a user ——————————————————————————- SELECT fu.user_name “User Name”, frt.responsibility_name “Responsibility Name”, fu.start_date “User Access Start Date”, fu.end_date “User Access End Date”, furg.start_date “Resp Access Start Date”, furg.end_date “Resp […]

How to find SubLedger accounting package being used for custom or standard subledger accounting engine

Use following query to find the accounting package is being used select * from all_objects where object_name in (select ‘XLA_’||LPAD(application_id ,5 ,0) || ‘_AAD_’||product_rule_type_code || ‘_’||LPAD(product_rule_hash_id,6 ,0) || ‘_PKG’ from xla.XLA_PRODUCT_RULES_B where (application_id, product_rule_type_code, product_rule_code, […]