Are Credit Card Transactions Released If An Imported Expense Report Invoice Is Deleted In Payables?


If an expense report containing credit card transactions is approved and imported, then the associated invoice is deleted in Payables, are the credit card transactions then released for use with a new expense report within the Internet Expense (OIE) product?

Steps to Reproduce
1) Credit card transactions were selected on an expense report for reconciliation.
2) The report was submitted for approval and approved.
3) The report was imported into Payables (through either Expense Report Import in 11i or Expense Report Export in R12).
4) The report was discovered to be incorrect after it had already been imported into AP as an invoice and was canceled.

Should the transactions now be available for reconciliation again in the OIE product?


Removing an invoice within the Payables application in no way affects the OIE related data, including the credit card transaction table. Credit card transactions that were attached to the original expense report that was imported are not released, nor is the original expense report data updated or modified in any way if the invoice is deleted within Payables.

Support cannot provide scripts to manually force the release of the credit card data for reuse. The credit card information would need to be reloaded and validated before it could be used in any expense report.

The following is a brief summary of the data flow from OIE to Payables

1) Data is imported and validated for credit card transactions which inserts rows into the ap_credit_card_trxns_all table.
2) An expense report is created and rows ap_expense* tables. If the expense report is canceled
at this point, the credit card data would be released for use with a different report.
3) The rows for the credit lines that are used in ap_credit_card_trxns_all table are updated to reflect the expense report.  If the expense report is canceled at this point, the credit card data would be released for use with a different report.
4) The expense report is submitted for approval which inserts rows into the wf_* tables. If the expense report is canceled at this point, the credit card data would be released for use with a different report.
5) When the report completes workflow, the ap_expense* and ap_credit_card_trxns_all can no longer be updated.  The expense report cannot be altered or deleted at this point. The credit card data cannot be assigned to any other report.
6) The expense report is imported into Payables and rows are inserted into the ap_invoice* and associated ap tables.
7) The ap_expense_report_headers_all table is updated by the concurrent process to reflect invoice id that was created during import.

No further steps, with the exception of paying the associated invoice, will result in updates to any ap_expense* or ap_credit_card_trxns_all tables.  From this point forward, any action taken against the imported invoice only affects ap_invoice* and associated tables.  If the invoice that was created in step 6 is canceled/deleted  it does not release any information in any of the ap_expense or ap_credit_card_trxns_all tables.

The imported invoice should not be deleted if it is tied to an expense report.  The correct solution, if the invoice was already created yet a problem was discovered, would be to manually adjust the invoice or to create an adjusting invoice and pay that as well as the original invoice with the same payment.

ref: Doc ID 848325.1




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