Is it Possible To Reinstate an Expense Report That Has Already Been Imported Into Payables and Deleted As An Invoice?

Goal :

A credit card related expense transaction was exported to AP successfully however the user noticed an anomly so they decided to cancel the invoice, purge data and retry to import the credit card related expense report.  The system, however, is not picking up this transaction for processing a second time. How can this expense report be reprocessed?


Expense reports can not be reprocessed or imported into Payables a second time..  Once an expense report has been imported into Payables the associated invoice should not be deleted as there is no way to reprocess the expense report from OIE and force it to create another invoice.  There is no way to reprocess an Expense Report once it has been successfully imported into Payables.


Ref : Doc Id 2023674.1


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