Receivables Important Concurrent Programs For Posting in R12

Receivables Important Concurrent Programs for Posting in R12

•Create Accounting
•Submit Accounting
•Transfer Journal Entries to General Ledger
•Unposted Items Report
•Revenue Recognition
•Subledger Period Close Exception Report

Create Accounting 

a) Invoice distribution lines not generated for transaction with rules.

b) Only captures postable records.

c) Output file shows processed and unprocessed transactions.

Submit Accounting

Spawns the following programs:

a.Revenue Recognition

b.Create Accounting

c.Accounting Program

d.Transfer Journal Entries to GL (if run with Transfer Journal Entries = Yes)

e.Journal Import


Unposted Item Report

Shows unposted items in following cases

  1. Invoices whose distribution lines have not been generated by Revenue Recognition
  2. Distribtion lines with invalid accounts
  3. Receipts that are part of an unposted QuickCash batch
  4. Checks for records marked as unposted in the Receivables
  5. Records marked as unposted in AR if posting_control_id = -3 AND gl_posted_date = NULL in subledger tables like:






Subledger Period Close Exception Report

  1. Checks for transactions not processed in XLA
  2. Status codes





          •Related Event in Error

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