Asset Addition from Oracle Projects

FA Addition from Projects

Introduction to FA Addition from Projects

We can collect CIP costs for capital assets you are building in Oracle Projects. When you finish building CIP asset, you can capitalize the associated costs as asset lines in Oracle Projects and send them to Oracle Assets as mass addition lines. When you run the Interface Assets process, Oracle Projects sends valid capital asset lines to the Mass Additions interface table in Oracle Assets. You review these mass addition lines in Oracle Assets and determine whether to create assets from them.

If you use Oracle Projects to build CIP assets, you do not need to create CIP assets in Oracle Assets. For costs that originate in Oracle Payables, you should send CIP costs to Oracle Projects, and capitalized costs to Oracle Assets.

Conditions for Project Information to Be Imported

For Oracle Projects to send asset lines to Oracle Assets, the asset line must meet these specific conditions:

1. The actual date in service must fall in the current or a prior Oracle Assets accounting period

2. The CIP costs for summarized asset lines must be interfaced to Oracle General Ledger

3. The CIP costs for supplier invoice adjustments must be interfaced to Oracle Payables

4. A CIP asset must be associated with the asset line

A list of things to do in PA (Project Accounting)

1. Distribute all Expenses

2. Distribute Burden Costs

3. Post to GL (everything) and Tieback.

4. Summarize the costs (Update or Refresh Project Summary Amounts)

5. PRC: Generate Asset Lines

6. PRC: Interface Assets

It is after all the above has been completed that the lines will be sent to the FA_MASS_ADDITIONS interface table.

In PA, there are two ways to define a Capital Project:

1. If you check the Require Complete Asset Definition box in the Setup Project Types form, the asset lines will be sent to FA in the POST queue.

2. If you do not check the Require Complete Asset Definition box, the lines will be sent over to FA in the NEW queue, and you will have to Prepare Mass Additions lines fully before putting it in the POST queue.

Then in FA, run Post Mass Additions (FAMAPT) to create the assets.

Steps to perform FA Addition from Projects


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