Accounting entries and Create Accounting details for Asset Additions

Accounting entries and Create Accounting details for Asset Additions

  1. Accounting Entries and Creating Accounting details

For all Fixed Assets Addition types, the accounting entry remains the same:

  1. Table populated prior to Create Accounting – Assets program run


This table stores all the accounting entries corresponding to the Financial Transactions performed on the Asset.

The significant fields are:

  1. Transaction_Header_ID – Links to FA_TRANSACTION_HEADERS table
  2. Source_Type_Code – Signifies the type of transaction. In this case – ADDITION
  3. Adjustment_Type – The account to which the entry is passed. For Addition, there are two accounts to be hit:
  1. Cost
  2. Cost Clearing
  1. Debit_Credit_Flag – Signifies whether a Debit Or Credit is performed on the account.
  2. Adjustment_Amount – The amount that is accounted. In this case, the cost of the asset.
  3. Distribution_ID – Links to the FA_DISTRIBUTION_HISTORY (Signifying the Assignments to which the asset is associated with)
  4. Period_Counter_Created – The period in which the asset is added. This links to the FA_DEPRN_PERIODS.Period_Counter.

For Addition, this table creates two rows as per the two accounting entries associated with Addition:

1. Cost

2. Cost Clearing

  1. Tables populated post Create Accounting – Assets program run

Post running create accounting data in XLA table and accounting


Once create accounting is run events are in P/P status and below tables are populated with data.

XLA_AE_HEADERS -> Stores details when data is transferred to GL and GL transfer status code and based on ae_header_id and xla_ae_lines table is populated which also covers accounting entries


Here, this table also shows the accounts getting affected like asset cost is debited and asset clearing account in credited.

Ref: Doc ID 2160859.1

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