How To Setup The Supplier Form To Be Read-Only Mode

R12: How To Set The Suppliers Form To Be Used In Read-Only Mode?

This is done by excluding the function ‘Supplier Full Access: Buyer View’ in the Menu linked to the responsibility for which you want to use the Supplier page as Read-Only.

How to perform this required setup:
   From a System Administrator responsibility
   To determine the Menu linked to the responsibility of your interest:
            Navigation path:  Security > Responsibility > Define
            Query for the responsibility of your interest
            Review the Menu linked to this responsibility
   From this same screen go to the ‘Exclusions’ Tab
   Set as follows:
           Type:  Function 
           Name:  Supplier Full Access : Buyer View
           Commit your changes

   After re-test the issue migrate the solution to other environments.

Reference: Doc ID 455039.1

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