R12: AP: How Can You Prevent Suppliers From Being Created in Supplier Inquiry?


  • How can you prevent suppliers from being created in Supplier Inquiry?
  • Create Supplier button is available in Payables Supplier Inquiry page.
  • Should not be able to create suppliers in supplier inquiry page but it is possible.



R12 Supplier functionality is quite different than the supplier functionality in previous versions. Since the Inquiry and Entry forms open the same webpage, the functionality is the same.  You need to exclude a responsibility from having the ability to create/update supplier records to create a true inquiry page.

To do this follow these steps:

1. Log into your System Administrator responsibility.

2. Navigate to Security > Responsibility > Define

3. Query the Payables responsibility you want to only have Inquiry access.

4. Under Menu Exclusion area, set the following:

Type = Function
Name = Supplier Full Access : Buyer View (POS_HT_SP_ACCESS_FULL )

5. Save and test this responsibility.

Reference: Doc ID 473346.1

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