How to enable auditing on Financial Structure (COA, Trees, Value Sets)


To enable auditing for following GL configurations

  • New GL accounts added
  • GL accounts deleted
  • New GL Account Titles added
  • GL Account Titles deleted
  • New Branches added
  • Branches deleted
  • New cost centers added
  • Cost centers deleted
  • User ID and Name of person who made the change


What are tables for key GL Configurations:


Solution1: Enable audit using “Manage Audit Policies”

As the product keeps evolving, evaluate the Audit Report for the Value Set or KFF changes.

1) Navigate to “Setup and Maintenance”
2) Search for “Manage Audit Policies”
3) In “Oracle Fusion Applications” Box click “Configure Business Object Attributes” button and navigate to the “Configure Business Object Attributes” UI

4) Select “Oracle Middleware Extensions for Applications” option in Product LOV

5) When you scroll down you would find ValueSetServiceAM – Here you can select this AM if you want to Audit Values, Value Sets and Related Values etc or individually select the entity which you want to enable audit.

Key columns to enable audit on

6) Save your changes.

7) Use Tools -> Audit Report (seeded) UI to fetch audit changes

Solution2: As a workaround we can do following.

  1. We can enable auditing on COA value changes.
  2. Use seeded report “Enterprise Structures Setup Report” to capture initial values.
  3. Create custom report to see changes to COA values and compare against “Enterprise Structures Setup Report”

What are JOB roles needed to be assigned to end user to be able to view Audit Report

  • Application Administrator
  • Internal Auditor


Custom report for GL (Doc ID 2575542.1)

How to Review Financial Structures Configuration using the Enterprise Structures Setup Report (Doc ID 2168199.1)

Is there Financial Structures Audit Report (COA, Trees, Value Sets) ? (Doc ID 2451412.1)

Report To List All The Chart Of Account Segment Values (Doc ID 2677304.1)

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