What is significance of Employee Job role in Oracle Cloud? and should you assign it to all employees? what is licensing implication?

What is significance of Employee Job role in Oracle Cloud:

  • Employee role will mainly use for following:
    • Provide employee self service access to create Employee Expense Report
    • The employee role inherits the Procurement Requester role out of the box, this entitles all employees to automatically be eligible to procure goods and services for themselves
    • Provide employee access to ESS Job page.
    • Users having an Employee role can access workflow notifications and provide required information. For example: Responding to “Invoice Account Coding” workflow.
  • “Manage HCM Role Provisioning Rules” task can be used to provision Employee role to all users or subset of users.

Should you assign Employee Job role to all of your employees? what is licensing implication?

You can assign Employee Job role to all employees if:

  • You want all of your employees to be able to raise Purchase Requisition.
  • And you have subscribe to Procurement licensing for all of your employees, this is generally not required as NOT all your employees need access to Purchase Requisition area.
  • If you have not Subscribe to Procurement licensing to all your employees and you end up assigning Employee role to all employees. This will increase your Procurement subscription licensing fees substantially.

How to remove Self-Service Procurement(SSP) role in Bulk?

Option 1:

  • The seeded Employee role includes the Procurement Requester role which allows access for non-Procurement users to the Purchasing Requisition Area, which takes up licenses unnecessarily.
  • To remove these SSP roles, you will need to create a custom role that does not have the Procurement Requester Privilege.
  • If all of the users have the Employee Role assigned to them, then you can do the following:
    • Keep the Employee Role assigned to the users who are entitled to use this for Creating Requisitions
    • Create a Custom Employee Role by removing the Procurement Requester Privilege and assign that role to the remaining users who should not have access to Requisitions or Procurement

Option 2:

Setup task – Manage HCM Role Provisioning Rules

  • Since you are trying to remove a role, look into creating a mapping and specifying an end-date (like Sysdate – 1).
  • HCM recommends running the “Autoprovision Roles for all Users” process anytime role mappings are created or updated. This process updates the roles of all existing users so that they are in sync with the conditions in all active role mappings.

Reference: PRC:SSP: How to Remove SSP Roles in Bulk That Are Causing Licensing Issues? (Doc ID 2753605.1)

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