What is the difference between ERP Integration Service and Financial Utilities Service?

The “ERP Integration Service” and “Financial Utilities Service” are utility web services that provide external web service operations for automatically performing different tasks. Such as:

a) Managing data files for import

b) Launching Enterprise Scheduling Service jobs

c) Downloading Enterprise Scheduling Service job details

From a functionality standpoint, the ERP Integration Service is much more flexible. Additional operations are included that support value-added features such as callback notification.

The ERP Integration Service supersedes the Financial Utilities Service. The Financial Utilities Service is deprecated.

New Oracle ERP Cloud customers should not use the Financial Utilities Service. To support backward compatibility, only customers who previously adopted the Financial Utilities Service in a production setting prior to the availability of the ERP Integration Service should use the Financial Utilities Service.

User Developer Connect to ERP Integration Service:

Use the Developer Connect portal to discover business object services, to look up service endpoints, and to view service data object metadata and customization’s.

This portal runs on your cloud instance, and contains information about the specific set of services deployed to your cloud instance. It reflects the current service interface, and includes patches and service data object customizations, if any.

To open the Developer Connect portal, from the Navigator menu, select Tools – Developer Connect. Information includes summary of the service, operations defined in the service interface, hierarchy of the service data objects, and privileges required to perform the service operations.

In Find field enter “ERP Integration Service” and List select “All Active Web Services” and then click on search button.

Reference: SOAP Web Services for Oracle Financials Cloud (19A)

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