Implementation User Creation, Roles and Privileges

Implementation User Creation, Roles and Privileges

  1. Implementation User Creation
  2. Reset User Password
  1. Implementation User Creation
  1. Implementation user can be created from Security Console.
  2. To give required privileges to user we have to assign following 3 roles
  1. Application Implementation Consultant – gives access to FSM
  2. IT Security Manager – gives access to Security Console
  3. Employee – Gives Access to Self Service Function and Report/ESS job page

Login to Fusion Application with user having above 3 roles.

Go to Navigator and select “Security Console”.

Click on User Tab from left pane

To create user click on “Add User Account” button.

Enter required fields to create user.

Then we have to provision user with following 3 roles.

  1. Application Implementation Consultant
  2. IT Security Manager
  3. Employee
  1. Click on “Add Role” to assign “Application Implementation Consultant” Role to user.

Search for “Application Implementation Consultant”

Select “Add Role Membership” to add this role to user.

Select Ok

  1. Assign “IT Security Manager” role to user

Select OK

  1. Assign “Employee” role

Once you assign all 3 roles then on user screen select “Save and Close”.

B) Reset User Password

a) First find the user from user account screen

b) From Action drop down select “Reset Password”.

Enter New and Confirm password and select “Reset Password”.

Q: What are the roles and privileges user got due to ““Application Implementation Consultant”, “IT Security Manager” and “Employee” role?

A: a) “Application Implementation Consultant” role assigned to user. This role will add “Setup and Maintenance” under user name.

System will default “Compensation Management” offering.

If you want to see all offerings click on Task List (Or Task Panel on right side of the screen.

Following options are  available under Task List.

Following privileges users got because of “Application Implementation Consultant” role.

  1. Manage Implementation Project: To create and manage implementation project.
  2. Copy Configuration: To copy configurations
  3. Manage Configuration Package: Export the setups which can be imported into other instance.
  4. Manage Export and Import processes: Export and Import the data.
  5. Manage Custom Setup Content: Custom Setup content definition.
  6. Search

b) due to “IT Security Manager” role user has access to “Security Console”

From security console this user can create other users and assign roles to user etc.

c) Due to “Employee” role user has access to “Reports and Analytics” and “Scheduled Processes”.

Also “Employee” role gives access to following Task List.

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