Define Enterprise Structure, Geography Structure & Reference Data Set

Define Enterprise Structure, Geography Structure & Reference Data Set

  • For most of the countries Oracle deliver Geography hierarchy and files can be found at Oracle support portal.
  • Generally Geography hierarchy is implemented and maintained by CRM people also HCM module has limited use of Geography Hierarchy.

  • Enterprise Structure is customer organization structure.
  • Enterprise Structure Setups is initial setup for any implementation.
  • ESC is known as Enterprise Structure Configurator
  • Enterprise structure can be created either through ESC tool or using tasks but ultimately Enterprise Structure has to be created.
  • ESC can be accesses through “Established Enterprise Structure” task.
  • Using ESC we can create all organization structure at one place.
  • ESC gives us option to create multiple configurations, and we can generate technical summary report for each configuration to present to customer.
  • Once a particular configuration is finalized then we can use “Load Configuration” task to finalize structure.
  • ESC also provided option to Rollback particular configuration if it is already finalized.
  • Rollback should be done before proceeding with other configuration and setup.
  • ESC automatically generates Organization tree or hierarchy.

Divisions, Legal Entities and Business Units are all organization but for example e Division is organization classification.

  • UHC is Ultimate Holding Company.
  • In Above diagram Business Unit is connected by dotted line, which means any organization can be made as business unit.
  • Business Unit is virtual organization only for data partitions.
  • In Oracle fusion application we use Business Unit as securing mechanism for transactions; it is almost like Operating Unit in Oracle EBS.
  • “Legal Employer” is same as Legal Entity, in financial term it is called as Legal Entity otherwise it is called as Legal Employer.

Each country will have one Legislative Data Group.

  • Legislative Data Group partition data for payroll data. So each country should have its own legislative data group.

  • Business unit always comes with set id; business unit cannot be in isolation. Set id is also called as reference data set.
  • In HCM Business Unit and Set Id concept is required for us only to secure data among the business unit for certain HCM objects.
  • HCM Objects like Job, Grades, Departments and Locations are secured by business unit and set id concept.
  • Common Set Id: If we want to create a location that is shareable across multiple Business Units then we can use Common Set id.
  • This common set id is a set id delivered by Oracle.

Select “Manage Set Assignments”

We can change “Reference Data Set Code” for Reference Data Object.

  • When employee is created we have to associate business unit with employee, once business unit is assigned to employee then he can access job, department and location assigned with that business unit.

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