Functional Setup Manager Overview


Functional Setup Manager Overview
  • Functional Setup Manager is tool within Oracle Fusion Cloud to implement any functional area like HCM, Financials, and Procurements etc.
  • Functional Setup Manager is also known as FSM.
  • FSM provide end to end guided process for implementation within entire implementation lifecycle.
  • FSM application implementation lifecycle have following modules planning, configuration, implement, Export/Import, Transact and Maintain.
  • Setup and Maintain (Plan) within cloud provide lot of predefine reports which provide useful information for Offering, Options, Features and tasks etc.
  • Configure Offering : For example HCM payroll option has country extensions like US, UK and India so before implementing payroll option we have to select what country feature we have to select so during implementation system will generate the task accordingly this is called configure offerings.

  • Once we create implementation project based on selected offering, options and features system will automatically generate task list and tasks.
  • Task lists is the folder that groups tasks.
  • Following is example of Features; features are available at offerings as well as options.


Examples of Configuring Features at Offering Level

Example of Configuring Features at Option Level

  • Application Implementation Manager, Application Implementation Consultant and Functional User Role will have access to FSM.


Creating Implementation Project

Click on (+) sign.

  • Implementation projects cannot be assigned to multiple users, tasks can be assigned to multiple users. Project should be assigned to one user only.

Click on Next to choose offerings for implementations


  • Before you choose a particular option you need to select related offering.
  • Once you select required offering and options click on “Save and Open”

Expand Workforce Deployment offering

  • The hierarchy of folder and folder structure is as follows.

Offering → Functional Area → Individual Task


Assigning Implementation Task to Implementation User

Select Functional Area(s) or Task List or Task then select “Assign Task” button

Enter required details and select “Save and Close”

Project Overview

Select project for overview and then select “Overview” button.


Task List for HCM Administrator user ( Log in with User)

Logged in as user for which implementation task are being assigned by implementation manager.

Please note this user cannot modify any implementation task.

Here Permitted column red means user does not have access to perform this task.

Observe notes(Notes Columns) with each task


User can update the status of the task by selecting “Edit Status” button

Once the project status is updated then once you login as manager and run the overview it will reflect updated status.


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