How to Analyze Long Running or Pending Concurrent Requests jobs

1.Run the script for any concurrent request which is going into
pending/running status and upload the output to SR.

Note 134033.1 ANALYZEPENDING.sql Script for Analyzing all Pending Requests
Note 134035.1 ANALYZEREQ.SQL – Detailed Analysis of One Concurrent Request

2. Verify the incompatibilities from the concurrent program definition

Sysadmin -> Concurrent -> Program -> Define ->
Query on the Program name
> Incompatibilities

How To Troubleshoot Only One Concurrent Job Running at a Time Note 1504743.1

a. Check the value for the following profile options:

1. ‘Concurrent:Active Request Limit’
2. ‘Concurrent:Sequential Requests’
3. ‘Concurrent:Hold Requests’

They can affect the value of pending requests.

Note 740425.1 Active Request Limit Value at Site Level Incorrectly Overrides User Level Setting
Note 372798.1 Concurrent Manager Only Processing One Request At A Time

b. Make sure no programs marked as run alone.

Reference From Oracle SR

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