Amex KR1022 and KR1025 File and Oracle R12

1025 is daily Amex feed and supported by Oracle to upload Amex feed
1022 is Monthly file and equivalent to electronic copy of statement that is coming in.

We can either choose to upload daily file 1025 or monthly file 1022. But we do not need to upload both file.

If we prefer to load 1025 Amex Feed then we can use 1022 for reconciliation purpose. 1025 is called as Unbilled Transaction and 1022 is also called billed transactions.

1) Looking at the pattern of transaction coming in 1025 file. Mostly transaction is coming in next business day or next to next business day
2) Whereas 1022 could include transactions of the same day.

Issue and Resolution
1) Transaction was showing up on Amex month end statement(PDF File) on 2/28 for transaction date 2/28.
2) Transaction was showing up on 1022 file on 2/28 for transaction date 2/28..
3) But it does not appear in Oracle Amex Feed or it is not part of 1025 Amex Feed on 2/28.
2) Missing transactions can transactions can be found on file 3/1 and 3/2 in 1025 file

Oracle Support
1) Currently Oracle only support to upload 1025 Daily Amex File and corresponding control file can be found in following directory.


Amex File Specification

1) We can get 1022 and 1025 file specification from Amex

Oracle Support Reference

What Are The Supported Credit Card Data File Formats? (Doc ID 269104.1)
R11i/12: OIE: Oracle Internet Expenses: Implementing Corporate Travel Cards (Doc ID 1381556.1) (section: 8. Appendix A) (section: Credit Card Transaction Loader and Validation Programs)

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