Why XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS table cannot be used while reconciling to GL

  1. This table contains the link between transactions and subledger journal entry lines.
  2. Provide more accurate information as how GL lines or XLA_AE_LINES are derived from transactions.
  3. XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS table is very helpful to debug any functional or technical issues related to transaction.
  4. XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS table provide meaningful information regarding your Subledger accounting setup, configuration and customization’s.
  5. Anytime if you are debugging issues related to Subledger accounting setup and configuration this should be one of first table you should look at for your analysis.
  6. Also this table provides meaningful information regarding AP trial balance.
  7. No direct involvement in AP(Subledger) to GL Dataflow
  8. Accounting entries for Intercompany, Intracompany, Rounding and Balance etc won’t be present in xla_distributions_links.
  9. For reasons mentioned above in 6 and 7 this table cannot be used to reconcile your subledger balances to gl balances. So you should have your reports based on XLA_AE_LINES rather than XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS table.


AP Intercompany Accounting and XLA

How does the XLA_DISTRIBUTION_LINKS table map to the Payables Subledger?

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