The Link between GL to SLA and reference columns in GL

The Link between GL to SLA and reference columns in GL_IMPORT_REFERENCES

  1. Since there is always a one-to-one correspondence between XLA_AE_LINES and GL_IMPORT_REFERENCES, they are used to link GL and the subledgers. 

    GL_IMPORT_REFERENCES.gl_sl_link_id => XLA_AE_LINES.gl_sl_link_id 
    GL_JE_BATCHES.group_id => XLA_AE_HEADERS.group_id

  1. 6 reference columns REFERENCE5 to REFERENCE10 in GL_IMPORT_REFERENCES can be link to entity_id, event_id, ae_header_id, ae_line_num, and either accounted_cr or accounted_dr. 

REFERENCE5 => entity_id

REFERENCE6 => event_id

REFERENCE7 => ae_header_id

REFERENCE8 => ae_line_num

REFERENCE9 => accounted_cr

REFERENCE10 => accounted_dr

Q1. How many group_ids are created during the transfer process when there is a primary ledger and associated ALC/reporting ledger?

The primary ledger data and associated ALC/reporting ledger data goes into one group_id. Data from this one group_id can be split across multiple GL Batches based on other criteria, such as je_category/date/period. However, one GL Batch can only be associated to one group_id.

Q2. How many group_ids are created during transfer process when there is a primary ledger and a secondary ledger?

Two group IDs are created–One for the primary ledger and one for the secondary ledger. Two journal import processes are spawned in this case, one for each group_id. If there is failure in the journal import for either ledger, the transfer is rolled back for both ledgers.

Q3. Which process push the data into which tables?

Create Accounting : Subledger tables and xla_events -> xla_ae_headers, xla_ae_lines and xla_distribution_links
Transfer to GL: xla_ae_headers and xla_ae_lines -> gl_je_headers and gl_je_lines
Post to GL : gl_je_headers and gl_je_lines -> gl_balances
Subledger Accounting Balances Update : xla_ae_headers and xla_ae_lines -> xla_control_balances

Q4. What are the important tables for sub-ledger accounting?


ref: Doc ID 876190.1 & 1325133.1

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