Query fetching both Prepayment Data and Invoice Data of a Payable Invoice

We will find a query which fetches both invoice and prepayment information of a payable invoice ( Invoice_id = 166014 ). All the queries given in this post and their related posts were tested in R12.1.1 Instance.

SELECT pv.vendor_name “Vendor Name”,

       ai.invoice_num “Invoice Num”,

       ai.invoice_id “Invoice Id”,

       ai.invoice_amount “Invoice amount”,

       ail.line_number “Invoice Line Num”,

       ai2.invoice_id “Prepay Invoice Id”,

       ai2.invoice_num “Prepay Invoice Num”,

       ail.prepay_line_number “Prepay Invoice Line Num”,

       (-1)*(ail.amount  NVL(ail.included_tax_amount,0)) 

       “Prepay Amount Applied”,

       NULLIF((-1)*(NVL(ail.total_rec_tax_amount, 0) +      

       NVL(ail.total_nrec_tax_amount, 0)), 0) 

       “Tax amount Applied”


       AP_INVOICES_ALL ai2,


       AP_SUPPLIERS pv

WHERE ai.invoice_id                  = ail.invoice_id

AND   ai2.invoice_id                   = ail.prepay_invoice_id

AND   ail.amount                       < 0

AND   NVL(ail.discarded_flag,‘N’)     <> ‘Y’

AND   ail.line_type_lookup_code        = ‘PREPAY’

AND   ai.vendor_id                     = pv.vendor_id

AND   ai.invoice_type_lookup_code NOT IN (‘PREPAYMENT’, ‘CREDIT’,‘DEBIT’)

AND   ai.invoice_id                    = ‘166014’;

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