Reclass Portion Of Asset Cost into New Asset Category

Problem Summary 
Reclass Portion Of Asset Cost into New Asset Category 

Problem Description 
As we know that we can use “Mass Transactions –> Reclassifications” to re-class entire asset to new asset category. But here the requirement is to reclass portion of asset cost into new asset category. 

For Example: Asset # 2594 has total cost 100K in which 20K is wrongly added to this asset and category. 

Now we want to reclass portion of this asset asset cost to another asset category. 

We need to move 20K 


Summary:  Reduce the cost of the asset by $20,000 and then add in a new asset with cost of $20,000 and give it the new category.

Detailed Steps:

1) Partial Retirement of given asset for equivalent cost to retire. 
2) Reclassification of given invoices in AP and then Mass Addition Create 
3) Create new asset from eligible lines and delete remaining lines through delete mass addition. 
4) Manual Journal entry for depreciated amount difference. 

Thanks Yogesh

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