Create Implementation User

How to Create Implementation User and assign roles to the user

  1. Login to Fusion Application using userid(fin_impl) and password

  1. Dashboard

  1. Select Settings and Actions  Administration  Setup and Maintenance

  1. Select Financial offering and then select “Setup”

  1. Under Setup Financial Screen  Initial Users  Show as “All Tasks”

  1. Then select “Create Implementation User”

  1. Select Administration under Identity Manager Dashboard

  1. Then select “Create User”

  1. Enter required fields to create user

  1. Save the records

  1. Assign “IT Security Manager” and “Application Implementation Consultant” by navigating to Roles tab.

  1. Close IDM page and run “User and Roles Synchronization Process” job from financial setup screen.

  1. Click on Submit

  1. To Check the status navigate to Navigator  Tools section

  1. Check the status of request

  1. Log out from current user and then login with user “TM_RAVI” and change password at first login.

  1. TM_RAVI user dashboard


Thanks Yogesh

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