How to Setup the New Manage Accounting Exception Program (Sweep) in Receivables?

Goal: How can I setup the new Consolidated Review and Manage Accounting Exception Program in Receivables?

Also referred to as the Sweep program.

Solution: Please perform the following:

  1. For Release 12.1, in order to enable the Manage Exceptions functionality, you will need to apply bothPatch 18798268 and Patch 22482346.
    For Release 12.2, it is available through Patch 16634326.
      The program will ONLY sweep those transactions that are in error (xla_events.event_status_code = U and xla_events.process_status_code = I)
  2. Once the patch is applied, please make sure the function Accounting Exception: Manage(AR_ARXSUMPS_MANAGE_EXP) is available in the AR Control Accounting Menu:
  3. Under your System Administrator Responsibility, please go to Application –> Menu
    b. Query for Menu = AR_CONTROL_ACC_GUI
  4. When you try to close the period the system will check for Unposted items.  If there are any, the Manage Exception button will be enabled in the Open/Close Period form.
  5. Click on Manage Exceptions and you will get the following warning:
  6. If you choose to sweep the transactions, you will get another warning stating that the changes cannot be undone.

If you cannot see the Manage Exceptions button after following the steps above, please perform the following:

  • Remove the function
  • Recompile the menu
  • Reinsert the function
  • Bounce the middle tier

Reference: Doc ID 1937611.1

Thanks Yogesh

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