How to Configure to send e-Mail Separate Remittance Advice

Configure BI (XML) Publisher Separate Remittance Advice (SRA) Delivery.

1. Create the instance specific xdodelivery.cfg file


Oracle® XML Publisher
Administration and Developer’s Guide
Release 12
Part No. B31412-01
December 2006

Page 7-45 provides an example xdodelivery.cfg
<?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’UTF-8′?>
<config xmlns=””&gt;
<!– ======================================================== –>
<!– servers section –>
<!– List your pre-defined servers here. –>
<!– ======================================================== –>
<server name=”myprinter1″ type=”ipp_printer” default=”true”>
<server name=”myprinter2″ type=”ipp_printer” >
<server name=”myfax1″ type=”ipp_fax” default=”true” >
<server name=”mysmtp1″ type=”smtp_email” default=”true”>
<server name=”mysmtp2″ type=”smtp_email” >
<!– ======================================================== –>
<!– properties section –>
<!– List the system properties here. –>
<!– ======================================================== –>
<property name=”ds-temp-dir”>/tmp</property>
<property name=”ds-buffering”>true</property>
<!– ======================================================== –>
<!– channels section –>
<!– List the custom delivery channels here. –>
<!– ======================================================== –>
<channel name=”file”></channel>


The Separate Remittance Advice will use the e-mail host, printer and fax details which are set up in this file.

Note that the SRA log file will show following error with above xdodelivery.cfg example: Required property missing. Property name :[HOST]


  1. Save the xdodelivery.cfg into the $XDO_TOP/resource directory.
    $XDO_TOP/resource directory will need to be created in case it does not exist already.

    3. Set the Profile Option IBY: XML Publisher Delivery Manager Configuration File

    Ensure the filename xdodelivery.cfg is in lowercase and include the full path and file name in the Profile Setting

Note: Do not use environment variables or relative paths while specifying the location of xdodelivery.cfg file in the profile option IBY_XDO_DELIVERY_CFG_FILE. Please use ABSOLUTE path instead.

4. Configure Profile options

Should Specify the E-mail From Address

Should Specify the E-Mail host.

5.  Login to the application.
Responsibility = Application Developer
Navigate : Application -> Messages


Two Messages are returned.
The Seeded message is…

and the other
The Seeded message is…
Separate Remittance Advice: payment reference number – &PMT_REF_NUM

Modify those messages to meet your requirement.

6. Configure the Separate Remittance Advice Delivery Method at Supplier and Supplier Site. You also specify the e-mail address for the supplier if you want to e-mail the remittance advice.

7. Specify the Separate Remittance Advice Format when configuring the Payment Process Profile.
Reporting Tab
Format – Specify The Remittance Advice Format you wish to use for this PPP Automatically Submit at Payment Completion Point – Check the Box for Automatic Submission
Allow Multiple Copies for Payment Instruction – Check The Box if you want the user to be able to print more than once.
All Payments or Number of Documents or Payment Detail Length – You may Choose to Create a Remittance Advice Under Certain Conditions Only
Delivery Method
E-mail or Fax or Printed – The Default for the PPP of how the Remitance Advice will be delivered
Override Payee Delivery Method Preference – Check the box if the PPP Delivery Method takes precedence over the Delivery Method configured for the Supplier Site.

Enhancement Request


Has been resolved.

Apply Patch

R12.1  20526954:R12.IBY.B

java/scheduler/ 120.27.12010000.28
patch/115/import/US/ibymsg.ldt  120.88.12010000.65
patch/115/sql/ibyfdxgb.pls      120.77.12010000.69

R12.2 20526954:R12.IBY.C

java/scheduler/ 120.55.12020000.5
patch/115/import/US/ibymsg.ldt  120.137.12020000.12
patch/115/sql/ibyfdxgb.pls      120.139.12020000.18

Please be aware this is an INSTANCE WIDE solution offering the user the ability to EITHER continue with the email remittance in the body of the e-mail OR as an attached pdf.

It is not possible to have both in one instance.

Login to the application.
Responsibility = Application Developer
Navigate : Application -> Messages


IBY_FD_SRA_EMAIL_BODY –  This is for configurable message body and this will
go as inline content for emails that have output attached as a pdf.

IBY_FD_SRA_ATTACHMENT – This value is by-default set to FALSE and should be
set to TRUE for using the new enhancement, if this is set to TRUE then the
output will be sent as PDF attachment, else the same behavior(inline content)
is retained.

Modify those messages to meet your requirement.

Reference : Doc ID 1528042.1

Thanks Yogesh


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