BI Publisher Desktop Installation for EBS R12.1.3 and Microsoft Office 2010

As per Oracle BI Publisher and EBS R12.1.3 certification matrix following are the compatibility of BI Publisher with EBS, Windows and Microsoft office.

a) BI Publisher Desktop: The EBS 12.1.3 has the embedded BIP version of 5.6.3 (which is actually hence the ideal version of BIP Desktop is version from patch 12395372(Oracle Patch # to download the software) and it is compatible with Microsoft office 2007. BIP Desktop has known issues with Microsoft office 2010 and it is not recommended by Oracle.

If we have to use Microsoft office 2010 then next Oracle recommended version is BIP Desktop which also has some issues with EBS R12.1.3 like pivot and graph functionality may not work as FO processor of EBS is unable to interpret this information.

b) Windows 7 64 bit 

c) 32-bit JRE 1.6 or 1.7

d) MS Office 2010 – 32 bit

e) Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.1

Following are the installation steps for BI Publisher Desktop

A) BIP Desktop Uninstall

Uninstall Template Builder
1. Uninstall the Template Builder from the Control Panel->Add or remove programs.

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Oracle and make sure the BI Publisher directory is gone. Delete it if it is still there.
  2. Check Add-Ins in Word and make sure the 3 BI Publisher Desktop .dot files do not appear. Delete them if they do. These files are from Template Builder 10g.
    The files will usually be here. C:\Documents and Settings\
  3. Open Windows Explorer and go to “C:\WINDOWS\assembly”.
  4. Check if there are assemblies which start with “TB” If present, remove them all.
  5. Open MS Word and check that that the BIP tool bar cannot be seen.
    If one sees the menu, please move to another directory and try again.

B) Install 32-bit Java 1.6.0_36 or higher version 

Run the command java -version to make sure the correct version is being used by Windows. If it is not being seen, change the path.  Go to Start->Control Panel->System->Advanced tab->Environment Variables.
Make sure it is the first Java in the path.

 C) Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.1

Make sure .NET framework 4.5.1 is installed; most probably it should already be installed.

D) Install BI Publisher Desktop

Make sure that user has Administration privileges while installing BI Desktop

Regards Yogesh

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